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Sale Auto Mall in Kinston, NC delivers a one of a kind experience when it comes to all of your automotive needs. We offer the best selection of the most popular models, both new and used, across 5 different brands including BMW, Kia, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and a wide variety of certified used vehicles as well.

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Why is Changing Your Engine’s Oil Important?

Have you ever thought of skipping your vehicle’s engine oil change? Needless to say, most car owners can relate to this. Changing your motor oil is time consuming and can be costly. However, oil changes are recommended for a reason. Whether your engine runs on conventional oil, synthetic oil, or a synthetic blend, you need to change your oil as often as is suggested.

Tire Safety: How to Check Tire Health

It's easy to overlook the maintenance of your vehicle's tires, but ensuring they are in good shape is important for your vehicle's performance and your safety on the road. We recommend giving them a visual check once a month to make sure they're within safe and legal standards so you can stay in control behind the wheel.

Basic Car Maintenance and Servicing Checklist

Whatever car, truck, or SUV you decide to buy, if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to service and maintain it regularly. There are a number of points you’ll need to address with your vehicle...

Everything You Need to Know About Cabin Air Filters

Being comfortable in your vehicle is key. You want clean, climate-controlled air circulating around you, no matter how dusty, cold, or hot it is outside. You depend on your car or truck’s cabin HVAC system to do this. How does this system get clean, temperature-controlled air to you from the outdoors, even in sandy or dusty climates?

Why You Shouldn’t Drive Around with a Chipped Windshield

You’re cruising down the highway when a semi truck kicks up some rocks. Or maybe you’re driving through a rock fall area, and one bounces down and hits your windshield. Maybe your buddy’s car throws one up when you’re following him down a gravel drive.


What Accessories Will Keep My Vehicle Protected?

Driving isn’t always predictable, which is why we have insurance to pay for the unexpected. But insurance is a reactive measure that is used after damage occurs. What if there was a way you could actively protect your vehicle before something happens so that you can save time and money in repairs? There is!

Leasing Versus Buying a Vehicle

So, you found your dream car and now you're asking yourself how you want to pay for it. The decision to buy or lease a vehicle depends on your own individual needs and other monthly costs, so it's important to consider your options carefully before jumping into anything.

Trading in or selling your vehicle in North Kinston? Make sure to know the steps before committing to this process.

Trading in or selling your car can be a scary proposition. First you have to make sure it is in tip top shape, then you have to drive to the dealer, haggle with a price that is fair for your vehicle, and then there is the actual selling of your vehicle.

What Do You Need to Bring With You to Purchase a Car in New Kinston?

So you're ready to walk into Sale Auto Mall and drive away in a brand new vehicle. You're excited to have that new car smell back in your life and some shiny new metal to show off to the neighborhood. You just can't wait to pull out of the lot at Sale Auto Mall in the car you've been dreaming about.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Season in Kinston, NC

Winter is no joke when it comes to harsh road conditions and wear on your vehicle’s mechanical parts. By being proactive and staying on top of maintenance, you can prevent a lot of problems and potential dangers during the cold weather months.

Why Should Drivers Consider an Extended Warranty?

Reliability is key when buying or leasing a new vehicle, and it's something you can expect with every vehicle. But when problems do come up, your car warranty is there to save the day by covering the expenses.

How to Get Your Car Summer Ready

Everyone thinks about getting their vehicle ready to tackle winter. It seems like this season can be difficult on vehicles, and there are more road hazards to deal with. However, the summer season offers its own set of headaches and conditions that can take their toll on your vehicle.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Emergency Lights

The modern car has a ton of emergency lights to catch your attention scattered across your display. Hopefully, you don’t see them all too often But it’s understandable that, once you do, panic might immediately set in.

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

You want your vehicle to be with you for a long time, right? You didn’t buy it on a whim – it’s something that will fit your lifestyle and be part of your everyday life, for years to come.

When Should I Trade in My Car?

Folks swear up and down that there is a “best time” for everything. That there is a specific time that you can get a cheaper plane ticket, a better hotel rate, better produce deals, or a better car price.

What Are The Taxes Associated With Registering My Vehicle In My State?

You just purchased a new vehicle, and now it’s time to register it with the state. Or, maybe you are simply planning out all the expected costs to determine when you can finally make that big purchase.

How to Get the Best MPG Out of Your Vehicle

The high fluctuation of gas prices has made everyone start to pay more attention to how much fuel they use. We’re back to the days of planning trips better, carpooling more, walking more when we can, and avoiding making unnecessary trips.


Vehicle Dealer Near Jacksonville, NC

At Sale Auto Mall of North Kinston, we strive to be the number one choice for new or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sales and service near Jacksonville, NC. Our vehicle dealership is conveniently located all in one area on Highway 258 and is about 52 minutes from Jacksonville NC.

Car Dealer Near Goldsboro, NC

The city of Goldsboro resides in Wayne County, for which it holds the county seat, in the wonderful state of North Carolina. This city, with a population around 35,000, is nestled on the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina surrounded by the Neuse River on its southside and the Little River on the west.

Car Dealer Near Kinston, NC

The city of Kinston is located in Lenoir County in North Carolina. With a population of around 20,000, Kinston doesn’t quite measure up to the size and density of the more well-known cities in North Carolina.

Car Dealer Near New Bern, NC

The city of New Bern is located between the Neuse and Trent rivers near the coast of North Carolina. With a population of around 30,000, it is a fairly large city and the designated county seat for Craven County.

Car Dealer Near Wilson, NC

The city of Wilson is located in Wilson County in North Carolina. With a decent-sized population of around 50,000, Wilson has a lot to offer. Over the years, Sale Auto Mall has served the Wilson community as a reliable source for all its residents' automotive needs.